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Read Gregory Copley's writings on strategic issues every month in Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy journal. Click here to link to the ISSA/Defense & Foreign Affairs website with subscription details.

Not just The Art of Victory, but an array of books, journals, and on-line services for the strategic policy professional ...

The Art of Victory author Gregory Copley � shown here with the Australian Governor-General, His Excellency Maj.-Gen. Michael Jeffery (rtd), at Admiralty House, Sydney � has authored numerous books on strategic topics.

He also edits and writes for the monthly journal, Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, which circulates to senior government and defense leaders in 170 countries. Gregory Copley founded the journal in 1972. Click here to go to one of the websites for the Defense & Foreign Affairs publications which Copley edits.

Currently in print and available through the International Strategic Studies Association are:

The Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook, 16th Edition, published mid-2006 by the International Strategic Studies Association. For details See ISSA website.

The Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook on Azerbaijan, published mid-2006 by the International Strategic Studies Association. Available directly from ISSA.

Ethiopia Reaches Her Hand Unto God: Imperial Ethiopia's Unique Symbols, Structures and R�le in the Modern World. Published by the International Strategic Studies Association. Hardcover and softcover. Available directly from ISSA.

A comprehensive list of other books written by Gregory Copley appears in his biography (to see, click here).


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